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Holiday Art Show – Twenty12 Artists of Christmas

I’ve joined a coop of artists who are selling their art and helping feed the hungry.

You are invited to the show:
Friday, November 30, 2012
6:00 – 9:00 pm
Larisa Jewelers
30569 US 19 Palm Harbor
Seabreeze Plaza

$1 Donation at Door

A portion of Artist’s Sales
Benefit F.E.A.S.T. (Palm Harbor Food Pantry)

Free Limited Edition Greeting Card

This year Grasshopper Productions has created a limited edition greeting card series for our F.E.A.S.T. charity fundraiser. As our way of saying “Thanks For Your Support” we are giving away a FREE “Twenty12 Artists of Christmas” greeting card of your choice!

To receive your gift:

1. Please LIKE us on our Facebook page


2. Print your coupon

3. Redeem the night of the show!

Each day beginning November 18th on our FB page, you will get a sneak peek of each (12 Days of Christmas) card, it’s verse and an introduction to the artist who has created the artwork, and the link to download your voucher for the FREE gift card.

Proceeds from the sales of additional cards will benefit F.E.A.S.T (Palm Harbor Food Pantry) as well as a portion of all artwork sold.

This holiday season, buy local and help us help our neighbors!

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve contributed to the show…

Desert Rose
Desert Rose- Original Watercolor
Egyptian Giraffe Collage
Egyptian Giraffe Collage

This collage tells the story of how the Ancient Egyptians mistakenly thought Giraffe were part Camel and part Leopard.

Imagine - Collage
Imagine - Collage
Koi - The amazing effects of Tissue Paper - That's Recycling!
Koi - The amazing effects of Tissue Paper - That's Recycling!
Peace Collage
Peace Collage
Turtles and Squid Acrylic Painting and Collage
Turtles and Squid - Acrylic Painting and Collage

No Bar Codes – Don’t Drink the Water

No Bar Codes - Don't drink the water
No Bar Codes – Don’t drink the water

This painting is watercolor on gesso painted paper. This one has an environmental message..Bottled water is bad for the environment and a waste of precious resources. Let’s try to stop wasting resouces that are used in bottling and transporting water to places where the tap water is even cleaner than the bottled water. Not to mention how much plastic garbage is filling our landfills!
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